Order of Things

A reader had a question about trying to figure out the order to do things. He asked, “You talked about the big picture, what is it?

Let’s explore two examples. The first is something we can do as a result of seeing the big picture and the second is getting a glimpse of how the big picture works.

Walk into the corporate office of one of the worlds largest employers in the world and say, “The algorithm for your HR management software is broke. Here is how it needs to work.” Mind you, I don’t know anything about the industry and I don’t need to know. A team was assembled to initially create the software which was implemented throughout 1,400 offices nationwide. They are all broke, worse yet, they are all linked together.

The best way to explain ‘how things work’ is understanding how something ‘needs to work.’ In this case, it was not necessary to look any further than people, which coincidentally is what the software manages.