Bullshit Principle

Bullshit Principle

How long does fact checking take?

a) few minutes
b) few hours
c) few days
d) none of the above

If a single thing about painting takes months to validate, then I wonder how others fact check information on bigger science topics. I’ve always performed an analysis myself when it comes to painting, which is why I almost always discover things contrary to mainstream opinionated beliefs.

“Most researchers who have tried to engage online with ill-informed journalists or pseudoscientists will be familiar with Brandolini’s law (also known as the Bullshit Asymmetry Principle): the amount of energy needed to refute bullshit is an order of magnitude bigger than that needed to produce it.” Phil Williamson

“Surveys show that the public will simply disagree with scientists when the science conflicts with their ideological beliefs.” Steven Novella, MD., Clinical Neurologist

We don’t appreciate your logic or rational views, they are not inline with our reassuring lies.

An idea being widely accepted or popular does not make it scientific. Being scientifically studied and supported makes it scientific. That’s the great thing about science, it doesn’t care about opinion, something is either true or it isn’t and opinions have no affect on that.

The harsh reality is that most people will not put in the time to check anything, confirmation bias will always suffice. Would you bother reading another 1,400 words to understand the problem before making a single attempt to fact check it?

Not the truth which is at the disposal of every man, but the honest pains he has taken to come at the truth make the worth of a man.
— Lessing

I would suggest, people who are not willing to put in the necessary work, maybe not talk about things as fact until they fully understand the topic. People want to be experts on everything these days, yet rarely anyone wants to put in the work.

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