Necessary but not Sufficient

Necessary but not Sufficient

Using something such as a paint brush is not sufficient to understanding it in the same way reading a book is not sufficient to understanding it. The Bible is an exceptional example because it can be read and interpreted differently, however, that does not mean we understand it. We think we understand until we take a closer look and different parsing of the text “in context” of Scripture.

The brush, although a necessary part of painting, may not be sufficient for reaching our full potential in the same way reading a book on Goals is no guarantee we’ll ever achieve goals. We need to understand why we fail at accomplishing things to avoid failure.

Understanding anything takes a disciplined, data-driven methodology to distinguish the difference between thinking we understand and knowing we understand. I am all for wanting to do things the easy way or take the shortest route, but I know, that only gets me so far. Let’s face it, we need to step outside our comfort zone to make things happen. We need to think and look at things differently.

Necessary But Not Sufficient
Eliyahu M. Goldratt , Carol A. Ptak

2 comments on “Necessary but not Sufficient

  1. Understanding the Bible is not just an other activity of the intellect that can be understood by application of good academic methods. It can only be truly understood by revelation given only by the Holy Spirit. Also, Scripture interprets Scripture. True wisdom is also a gift of the Holy Spirit.

  2. I have a friend who belongs to a cult church. He believes he is guided by the Holy Spirit. I’ve pointed him to Scripture many times to get a true understanding. Many people are misguided by what they think is the Holy Spirit. It often requires a disciplined approach at interpreting Scripture to arrive at truth. The failure of this discipline is what leads to false beliefs. I always suggest if we think the Holy Spirit is guiding us, we ought to check it against Scripture to be sure, rather than leaving it up to our own interpretations.

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