Systems are an important part of running a business. They are the living breathing schematics for how a business operates on a daily basis. Systems originate from developing a business strategy and vital for maintaining a healthy business and employee morale. They provide an uncluttered illustration of how a business is organized and how it needs to work.

Operating a business without some sort of strategy or system may lead to hardships such as poor employee morale, psychological issues, focus issues, deadline issues, money issues, growth issues, profit issues, new business issues, loss of business, or an inability to obtain referral business; to name a few.

From a problem solving perspective in relation to smooth operations, I am looking for the cause of common problems and seeking to understand their origins then implement the solution into the system. We need to be asking, Why is this a problem and how can we prevent this problem in the future?

Systems are intended to prevent a vast majority of common problems experienced running a business. Many problems encountered are simply the result of not having a system in place to prevent the problem from occurring. A haphazard approach to running a business will not lead to much of anything except perpetual chaotic nonsense.

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