Power of Deception

Power of Deception

The greatest thing preventing the truth from revealing itself to you is, believing you already discovered it. We need to be carful not to hold so tightly to any belief in place of new evidence. Our beliefs should always be in flux because we are constantly learning; basically how science works. People often have difficulty changing their beliefs. We can witness the struggle by how people handle new evidence. Rather than accepting new evidence, they’ll often argue in favor of their false beliefs.

People tend to deceive themselves because they lack the necessary knowledge or discipline required to discover the truth. It could be the Bible, a product, a conspiracy theory, whatever. No one who is deceived believes they are deceived and no one is exempt from being deceived. Deception is in full-force all of the time. It’s everyone’s problem.

The first principle is that you must not fool yourself, and you are the easiest person to fool.
— Richard Feynman

Surely you’ve heard, “the devil is in the details.” It simply means the details of a matter are its most problematic aspect. Once we understand the details, only then we discover truth. Few people bother searching for the truth. Information today is too readily available and easily acquired without questioning it. People dislike discovering when they are wrong because discovering the truth requires facing a reality of deception.

When the mind of a person under strong deception is called into question, they often turn to an attitude of resistance, name calling, and sometimes anger. It becomes difficult acknowledging they have been deceived, either by their own doing, or by something learned elsewhere. The truth about their situation becomes that much more painful. It should not be about being right or wrong, it should be about discovering and knowing the truth.

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