Stealth Strategy

Stealth Strategy

In the game Far Cry 4 where true victory takes raw instinct and killer skills, one of the objectives is to take-over outposts and fortresses. There are obvious ways to enter a fortress, some not so obvious. If we go in one of the heavily guarded main entrances, we are likely to encounter heavy resistance. The risk is greater, they may set-off alarms. If that happens, you’ll have a new wave of problems to deal with as reinforcements arrive. Do you have enough ammo?

However, if we can find an alternative entrance, we can enter the fortress undetected and strategically take-out the resistance one-by-one undetected with a single arrow and accomplish the same goal.

This is the same mindset I use for solving problems. I look for solutions to minimize resistance from reaching the objective. Side-stepping known problems (obstacles) along the way ensures efficient entrance into the fortress.

The beauty of the end result becomes, “You made it look so easy” or ” What just happened?”

What appears to be problems are not really problems until we make them our problem.

I think the best example is How to paint a room in 6 minutes. The video epitomizes the result of side-stepping problems. When we avoid all of the known problems associated with painting, well, we’re left with pure efficiency. That is what happens when we change our mind when presented with options.

Step 1: Identify the obstacles in our way

Are you the biggest obstacle standing in your way?

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