Choices and Outcomes

Choices and Outcomes

On the topic of Fixed or Growth mindsets, it would be interesting to discuss a few arguments, topics, tasks, strategies or product ideas and explore ‘what-if’ scenarios depending on our choices (how we process information before we open our mouth or make a decision). Then compare the outcomes.

We can talk a lot about a fixed-mindset because it can be witnessed so readily in every day life. People with a fixed-mindset are often stuck in their comfort zone. They are literally stuck because they ignore all of the things (feedback) that could push them forward either because they were told to or their fixed-mindset automatically rejects anything negative. We can learn how to move away from a fixed-mindset into a growth-mindset by expanding our comfort zone.

A fixed-mindset doesn’t easily allow you to change course.
— Carol Dweck Ph.D.

As long as we are trying something new, we’re learning, we’re growing. What we do for a living is much less important than how we do it, but results take effort. We don’t just wish success into existence. The first step is becoming aware of how we process information. We need to recognize when we’re closing the door on opportunities.

I have a lot on my plate at the moment, but once the smoke clears, this is something I would definitely like to explore later (maybe in a podcast). We could talk about some very practical day-to-day choices.

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