Efficient Effective Strategy

Efficient Effective Strategy

Back in 1998 I worked in telecommunications as a bandwidth broker. I was hired to grow a new Internet start-up from the upstairs hallway of a house. Myself and two others started in the company with virtually nothing and grew the company to sell for 30 million 18-months later.

While that might sound impressive, what you might find more impressive is how we did it. An efficient and effective strategy is required. I have a ton on my plate right now, but I have been working on a piece to discuss how we did it.

The key takeaway was identifying a target no one else could see. By the time people caught on to what we were doing, the company sold and many new companies copied what we were doing.

It’s an intriguing story to say the least to learn how strategy changed how the internet operates today as the result of what we did. We were a company partnered with Cisco to find the most efficient way to pass traffic on the internet.

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